About me

Rossella Catapano, Neapolitan, 29 years emerging designer, creativity to sell, there is nothing that does not change, adjust or create. Extrovert, sensitive, never boring in her personal way of interpreting fashion, she is an infallible trend setter with a great passion for jewelry. His creations reflect his way of being: surprisingly simple as well as sensual and elegant.

That for jewels is a love that starts from afar, at nine years old when his mother opens a jewelry store, then matured and refined over the years through research work and study. He attends the jewelery design course at the Milan Polytechnic where he responds to the inputs of Alba Cappellieri and invents forms, creates, produces. Rossella loves to amaze, but she does it with simple traits with naive figures that sometimes recall the drawings of a child.
It is likely that you still look at the world through that childish look that we all carry within us, giving it perhaps too little space. Observing her objects, Rossella smiles: “I am a means of expression and a vehicle of tenderness”.

Everything is a source of inspiration, and his gaze captures new forms every day that become the object of his work. The words of a song, the scene of a movie, a glimpse of his city but also simply one of those thoughts dictated by the unconscious and leaped out who knows for what absurd reason, can materialize in an image to be drawn immediately. Lightning, stars, huts, ice creams, hearts and umbrellas … everything around becomes a means by which to communicate a state of mind an experience. Here, in addition to its intrinsic value, the jewel acquires an expressive and communicative role wanted to play with an accessory for every day as to embellish the most important dress.

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